A Leading Provider of Forensic Accounting and Valuation Services For The Automobile Industry

Professional Services

Forensic Accounting

Includes fraud and forensic investigations commercial damages and valuations done in connection with complex litigation, regulatory or other matters.

Forensic Economics

Includes economic analyses and determination of lost profits and lost earnings, including those related to tort and contract matters.

Due Diligence:

Includes evaluating the Corporate Image & Reputation, Client’s Social Awareness & Responsibility, Environmental Accountability, Financial Soundness and Policy Compatibility

Receivership & Restructuring

Includes the management, restructuring, turnaround or sale of businesses or real estate in transition or distress and related expert services.

Whom We Serve

Dealer Forensic is regularly engaged or referred by:
Attorneys at national, regional and local law firms
Banks and other lenders
Creditors, both secured and unsecured
Owners, partners and investors
Government agencies and regulatory authorities
Bankruptcy trustees